Herbs & EOs for Kids

Season 6 (Episode 43)

Herbal Intellect Show: Herbs & EOs for Kids

This week, we have a very special guest!

Lanita Nash (aks Sankofa Farms)

We’ll be talking about safe use of essential oils and herbs for children. Let’s heal the babies!

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We have been on hiatus long enough, it is time to return with the ONLY black-owned and operated online radio show about herbalism…I think…EVER!

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One thought on “Herbs & EOs for Kids

  1. Introducing our special guest l!

    I’m LaNita Nash, a spiritual woman, mother of 3 and business owner of Essential Juices and Smoothies in Portland, OR. Our children are ages 5, 4 and 2. The last decade of my life has been fully dedicated to aligning with plants and learning to sustain a natural whole life for my self and my family. I received a bachelors in the focus of the African diaspora and have always known I am a healer of the people of this Earth, the people of the African Diaspora! I step into this position of healer now with a growing arsenal of plant allies, knowledge and inner standing, prepared to heal and be healed! I specifically use whole foods, whole herbs and essential oils daily for the well being and care of my family and my self.

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