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Hetepu! SEASON 4!


It’s Season 4 ya’ll, and for the next few weeks, The Herbal Intellect Show is having a special segment called “Herbs from Around the World”. We will discuss medicinal and traditional (ritual) uses of plants from the Americas, Africa, India, China, and the Caribbean.

On This Week’s Show:

  • Special guest Nakato Lewis joins us to discuss traditional African Herbs. Medicinal and spiritual/ritual uses of herbs will be covered on the show
  • Her bio:

I am Nakato Lewis and together with my husband/partner, Kiwanuka Lewis, we founded, own and operate Blackherbals.com and and Blackherbals at the Source of the Nile. UG Ltd. and the African Traditional Herbal Research Centre/Clinic in Kampala Uganda. We are elders from the Diaspora currently residing in Uganda and are members of the Ugandan National Council of Traditional Healers Associations, NACOTHA. We have been spent the last 15 years, ( 9 years in Uganda), researching and using African herbs and pan African herbal medicine, African traditions, customs, culture, spirituality, etc., for the purpose of returning us, and our people back to our African roots.


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