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Hetepu! SEASON 4!


It’s Season 4 ya’ll, and for the next few weeks, The Herbal Intellect Show is having a special segment called “Herbs from Around the World”. We will discuss medicinal and traditional (ritual) uses of plants from the Americas, Africa, India, China, and the Caribbean.

On This Week’s Show:

  • Chastity Unique Smith, Black High Priestess, is our special guest discussing traditional herbs used in ritual. Get your questions answered about Vodu and the spiritual importance of marijuana!
  • An intermediate witchcraft ritual includes the following:

  • Preparation, Cleansing, Sacred Space, Sacred Circle/Altar, Raising Energy, Invocation, Offering/Devotions, Spell-casting, Closing Circle, Grounding, Book of Shadows records and results.
    In Vodu you want to know about the spirit, orisha, lwa or ancestor you are invoking and always have an offering if you intend to actually invoke (call down) the ancestor to your space. Make sure you play their music with their prayers, rezos, abillonas, cantos or incantations and if you have an image or statue representing them make sure it is Black or in an Ancient African phenotype, those who have invoked the visual image of an Ancestor know they are triple dark Blackness in their skin and energies and its important to understand these are Black ancestors not greek, egyptian, sumerian, indian, catholic or christian but the most ancient ancestors of earth huemans.
    The herbs i use to invoke:
    Papa Legba (pipe of weed or tobacco, hot pepper with meat, rum, red wine, frankincense, myrrh, musks, coffee)
    Ellegua (candy, toy, rum, papaya, gushers, hot peppers, weed or smoke)
    Exu (candy, gushers, toy of music or luck, alcohol, guava leaves, pipe or rolled up with weed or tobacco or something to smoke)
    Erzulie (mint, mint chocolates, cream, vanilla, angel food cake or sweet pastries are sympathetic to her innocence, youthful femininity and sweetness, freshness and hygiene and glamour, she is also depressed and chocolates and sweets give us pleasure)
    Erzulie Red Eyes (peppers, enchanted earrings, smoke and rum)
    Oxum Iyalorde (honey, milk, roses, weed, herbal teas, sunflowers and yellow flowers)
    Mama Brijit (cemetary rocks or a pyramid stack of stones, smoke/weed, rum, salt, sage, nuts with chocolate, invoke at night)
    Sirens (Oxum or Yemaya paths-salt water, sea shells, sea salts bath salts, camphor, rosemary, lavander, eucalyptus, jasmine, sage flower, song, invoke during moon phases)
    *different uses of the herbs and natural elements will be mentioned for example how honey is sacred to oxum as the spirit of the river and how mint is relative to erzulie as the lwa of virgin femininity or how smoking becomes an aspect of her in her petro form, why exu prefers gushers etc
  • Her bio:

I was Born in Chicago with family mostly on the south side where my father lives but I was raised in the suburbs of Mount Prospect where my mother stays and now reside on the north side of Chicago just between the south inner city and the north suburbs. I’m Cherokee native american and although im not certain of my ancient african tribal heritage i feel a strong connection to ancient kemet and nubians…

My mother embraced holistic health,wellness and natural remedies at an early age so my brother and I had the pprivilege of learning the value of herbal remedies and properties at an early age. Growing up we used holistic remedies for allergies that ran in the family, skin and sinus allergies as well as common illnesses and later on for overcoming psychological issues with natural cures and wellness…(teas, vitamins, muscle testing, cleanses, detoxes, colonics, diets will be mentioned)
This early background in natural living helped me excel as witch in my solitary initiations and understanding of using herbs and other items in sympathetic majik and other witch crafts like cooking, potion making in the form of bath salts, potpourri, incenses and spell casting or invoking certain spirits with their favored herbs or corresponding natural elements.
Having a natural connection to witch crafts helped me excel in my Vodu initiations that began approximately 3 years ago. My practices as a witch helped me connect to my ancestral spirits and the ones that live in my head that take me in their house and that choose to possess me.10269494_10152490715622775_2071257140113619652_n

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