Herbal Intellect

Hetepu! SEASON 3!

On this week’s show:

  • Special guest Tae Queen from Conversations with the Queen discusses the power of crystals for healing. She breaks down the science by covering how they are formed, how they are used, and how they heal. She gives even clears up some misconceptions about gemstones.
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  • Her info:
  • http://gemineyecreations.nuwshop.com/
  • http://gemineyecreatress.com/

  • Gemineye Creatress also known as Tae Queen is a healer by life path and entrepreneur by profession. Her mission is to utilize her creative talents and intuitive abilities to create and sustain institutions that will help aid humanity and the planet in holistic evolution. Her main focuses are her Blogtalkradio Show Conversations with the Queen and her Holistic Health & Alternative Therapy business Gem-in-eye Creations. Conversations with the Queen is a show dedicated to any and everything that show cases and highlights any form of evolutionary consciousness. Gem-in-eye Creations is business based on stimulating awareness of healing through energy; mainly gemstones. She is currently in the process of evolving her brands to the expansion of her knowledge and awareness. Dedicated to her mission she strives to provide the highest quality experiences possible for anyone who supports her endeavors. She is also a poet, all around writer, and songstress. She hopes to one day cultivate each of her talents to it’s highest intention which is healing. “Creation is the highest form of likeness to the divine, it is not only our job to create the necessary changes in this world but to show the people here how to create and manifest their life purpose and mission.“ -Tae Queen

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