Healing through the Gut

Herbal Intellect Show: Healing through the Gut with Special Guest Monisha
Jennifer will be interviewing Monisha, a colon hydrotherapist in California, on the safe and practical use of hydrotherapy.

For the next few months, we have an amazing line-up of individuals who are knowledgeable leaders in natural wellness. Check out the full calendar of shows! http://teamup.com/ks27b2a4b52bc88399/

Broadcasting LIVE from the NEW Studio in Charlotte, NC!

We have been on hiatus long enough, it is time to return with the ONLY black-owned and operated online radio show about herbalism…I think…EVER!

This is FREE info ya’ll. Please support just by listening. No ads, no commercials. Real people talking about real things!

Join us online at nubiahoodradio.com

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